We are very proud to source our produce locally and seasonally. There are many reasons we choose to do this firstly we want to support other local businesses and producers who create unique artisan products. We want our menu to be exciting and represent where we are on the Dorset/ Devon boarder. We also want our ingredients to be as fresh as possible getting just picked crops or the days catch.

Our butcher is based down the road in Axminster. They only use local farmers who are passionate about upholding the very best animal husbandry standards where all animals are free range. They have developed their own range of award winning dry cured bacon, hams and sausages.

Lyme Bay Winery are a stones throw away, they have won many awards for their range of boozy drinks. We have a selection of their red, white and sparkling wines along with their fruit cider named after Mary Anning. All of their drinks are made in their winery using ingredients they have grown including from their 26,000 vines. They have an onsite visitors shop which is open 7 days a week.

Otter Brewery supply us with a number of award winning craft ales and beers. They brew just a short drive away in Honiton, Devon. They take their environmental responsibility seriously the brewer’s grains are used for cattle feed, yeast is taken to the local piggery and waste water is returned to the water course through willow beds. Their beer is also delicious!

Our toiletries come from the Cornwall coast, St Kitts Herbery, who grow their own herbs, next to their store which are used to fragrance them.

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