We always strive to be as sustainable as possible in all that we do. There are several measures we have put in place to ensure our environmental foot print is as small as possible.

We encourage all guests to leave towels on the floor if they need to be washed or on the hook if they are happy to reuse them, just as they would at home. Reusing towels really does save significant amounts of water and energy, it also increases their lifespan reducing the need to replace which also requires a lot of water and power in the manufacturing and shipping.

We are currently in the process of changing all of our lightbulbs over to LED which both consume less power and last longer.

All rooms have bottled water and coffee capsules in them, which are recycled.

Our toiletries are now all in refillable large bottles instead of individual one use plastic containers.

In the kitchen we are very proud to use fresh, seasonal produce sourced wherever possible from local producers. We are also growing our own herbs in the garden reducing the impact of transport, to just a brief walk!

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